3D Printing the LCD enclosure

Here you can see things have moved on with the main scanner.

The whole thing is undercoated, mainly to seal it. I’m not prepping this one like other projects as I don’t have the luxury of time. I enjoyed sanding, down and painting, sanding, painting, sanding on the paperbitschallge so that I got a nice glossy glassy paint finish, but it took hours. I need a different strategy this year. I don’t totally know what but perhaps pvc L shapes can be fitted to all the corners or something to tidy it up quickly.

The LCD enclosure is fitted. We also went to hardware store to choose a cheap £2 handle for the front, that looks neat and is practical.

The platform has now evolved into a draw, with the draw front and handle. I’m really pushing myself now, we are doing late nights of coding, reading and learning.