Deploy started on RPi and windows IoT


I’m currently working on the Pi3 developing the application and deploying it takes a long time, this is really slowing down development. Also the Pi has a HDMI output, this means if I’m trying to be social in the living room while coding, I’m working blind, as the TV is in family use.

This is going to be become a risk to the deadline. The whole cycle of build deploy and run takes quite a number of minutes and as so much of this is learning for me, I’m doing a lot wrong, and this cycle needs to be quicker to allow me to learn quicker and get this project finished on time. Can you tell I’m starring to panic – Makerfaire is only just over a month away! I’ve not been running this far behind on a Makerfaire project before. It has been more than challenging carving time out the day for maker projecting for a number of reasons this year.