Holding the paper down.. problem solved!

Since the platform idea evolved, I’ve struggled with many ideas of how to hold the paper down into place when the visitor closes the drawer.

It is essential the picture is held in EXACTLY the correct place on the platform and that the closing of the drawer does not cause the picture to waft off the platform. I have had many ideas of hinged contraptions and glass plates etc. While washing up I noticed my collection of neodymium magnets stuck to the metal beading under the plasterwork of the window. From no where inspiration.

See my idea below, I’m embedding the magnets into the frame. The magnets are dangerous if swallowed, so I must protected the young visitors from them. The 3D print pauses, I put the magnet inside and i end up with a frame that contains magnets.

I then drill out four holes in the platform, wood glue more magnets into the platform, sand and paint. I now can snap the frame onto the base with the paper trapped between! – Simple is always better than elaborate contraptions like I was originally thinking.

And here it is finished.