Maker Ranger–Round up

Maker Ranger didn’t get blogged well as a project, due to a very challenging project in the time I had to execute it in.

This post is to round up some of the missing information and photos from that project.

The project also got a good write up here:


The two wheels show each player, which animal they need to find in “the wild”, buckets full of animals represent the wild. The potential ranger must place the animal in the health scanner to check its health. The RFID tag in each animal ensures the player chose the correct animal.

The animal scanners do a cools led chase sequence as the animals are scanned and the player returns them to the wild.

The players must hit the big industrial button to be assigned the next animal to find.

One successfully finding and scanning the health of a pre-set number  of animals, one player wins, but both have “I’m a qualified Maker Ranger” stickers printed for them.


Families got very competitive over being the first to complete and much fun was had, with queues all day at the fairs we attended.