SYMA X8C X8HC 3.5mm pin out camera control signal

I was curious about the camera output on the SYMA X8 and how the controller causes the camera to activate.

Scope on Syma X8HC

Putting a 3.5 mm jack into the 3.5mm socket we find the following signals on the pins

Pole Signal
Tip Power 5V
Shield GND - 0V
Ring Control - nominally: 3.3V
Start/Stop video: 0V for 1 second
Take picture:  0V for 250 milliseconds


This is the scope showing the video signal (1s) and then the photo shot signal (250ms).

Syma X8C X8HC camera control scope 

I use a Runcam 2 for photography but wonder if this signal could be harnessed to trigger the RunCam and/or drone recovery buzzer for when it lands in the corn field!
I’ll expand on this post if I get anywhere with that idea.